Amplified Mobile Phone.  Product Code: P77709

PowerTel M9500 is an easy-to-use Amplified Mobile Phone with loud and full HD quality sound and a large colour display.

Perfectly suitable for Smartphone beginners with a standard or simple layout setting.  Hearing aid compatible and also features audio boost, extra loud ringers, a discrete SOS-emergency call button and torch function.

Remote assistance can be provided by friends and family, and it has a burst call function which enables them to break into existing calls or monitor phone conversations. It has uniquely developed, positive touch screen buttons and comes with a built in help function that is easy to access and understand.

This Smartphone has one simple message centre. This function can also be used to store medication, or other, reminders. It has a keyboard which is constantly landscape and includes the option to use your voice instead of typing. It also features a front and rear camera.

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