Amplified Clamshell Mobile Phone.  Product Code: N73168

This amplified clamshell mobile telephone has a dual LCD display, and camera. It is hearing aid compatible and has an adjustable receiving volume control, up to 35dB with a boost button.

Additional features include 3 one touch memory buttons, large clear dial buttons and a talking keypad, providing the user with positive feedback on the button that has just been pressed.

This mobile phone also has an emergency call button on the back and an integral ICE ‘In Case of Emergency’ function that allows you to input vital medical information which can be accessed even if the phone is locked. It has a clear, high contrast, white background screen and a phone book that can hold up to 300 entries.

Moreover, this mobile phone has a clear navigation button and a missed call indicator, with a selection of 12 languages.  It comes with a charging docking station cable and charging plug.

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